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Two thousand eight

A sampling of this year’s to do list, replete with visual aids:

Wrap up plans for trip to
this spring.
Read more of these
than I do even now. Especially read more of Maggie O’Farrell
and Richard Russo.
But first, finish reading this
Do more of this
so I can finish the book that takes place here
and here
and here
Maybe even take some time off to visit the Coop for specific research.

Listen to more of this man
and his music.
Take Marly Youmans’ advice (see The Palace at 2 a.m.)
that I sit my butt in chair, write when dratted bare, write in vestments rare . . . write a page a day.

Keep up with Alexander Maksik
and his amazing stories, which you can read at Pont des Arts, and buy him a drink when we get here
or wherever he recommends.


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