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Bobby Z and DPA McManus

Why the sudden trip down Memory Lane?


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Bob Dylan – 1998

This was about the time Sue and I last saw Dylan at Georgia Tech. Joni Mitchell opened. It was her birthday and we all sang an impromptu Happy Birthday to her. Quite a memorable night.

All Bob said between songs was “Thank yew thank yew very much.” But we weren’t there to hear him talk anyway.

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Radio Radio Redux

Where was I when this aired? Must have been a few years ago. Anyway, I feel old(er) now because I remember the original “sorry ladies and gentlemen” back in ’78.

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…and the original

I remember watching this in high school and being totally blown away. It took some balls for EC to do this on national tv. Actually, I thought he was a complete oddball — Mick Jagger’s retarded little brother or something. Still, I went out and bought the album the next day. Soon after that I realized he was neither an oddball nor retarded, just a musical genius.

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